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Swamp Darner Epiaeschna heros:

Update June 23, 2017
: a male eastern Lipscomb county, Texas on June 14, 2016:

Update May 29, 2011: a male from c. 15 miles south of Hemphill, Sabine county, Texas on May 27, 2011:

Update May 04, 2007: a male and female from Newton county, May 03, 2007:

These Swamp Darners Epiaeschna heros were all photographed in Tarrant County, Texas, by Martin Reid:

Female, May 2002 in my yard on the southwest side of Lake Worth:

Female May 2003, in my yard; rescued and released from a male Common Green Darner Ajax junius which slammed her to the ground right at my feet as she was slowly working a small glade in the woods:

Female, Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, May 2004: I watched her slowly fly around the small wooded pool, with her caudal appendages held back ("up") at 90 degrees to the plane of her abdomen; eventually she selected this small damp log(it was about two feet from the water's edge), and proceeded to lay eggs on it, still with the appendages held upright. She then twice flew to a nearby clump of wet muck and continued laying, all the time with the appendages held at 90 degrees upwards:

Male, May 2004 in my yard; this individual was seen "patrolling" the same section of my yard over a two week period; it would work slowly back and forth, usually below the height of the small trees in the woodland clearing - I also saw two other males doing this same type of circuit at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge yesterday:

The pic below was taken a week later in the same small clearing, about 15 yards from the tree above: