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Update July 16, 2017: Added some Atlantic Bluets Enallagma doubledayi from east of Tyler, Smith County, Texas on July 15, 2017:

T hese Atlantic Bluets Enallagma doubledayi were at Lake 1 on Gus Engeling WMA, Anderson county, east Texas on June 12 and 16/17, 2011. On the last day I saw a minimum of 40 males at Lake 1 and Lake 2 (far fewer on Lake 2) - but only 2 females (see bottom of page). The only other Bluets seen at these ponds were Skimming/geminatum and Burgundy/dubium:

Below are 6 different males, showing the variation in pattern on S6 and S7; NOTE that all of the 15+ males I studied had the same "pinched-in" black spike coming out of the black patch on S6 - I think that on civile this spike is typically not pinched but rather graduated; perhaps a useful distinction... :

A pair in tandem; only two females were seen, both in tandem: