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Tawny Pennant Brachymesia herbida

Update May 29, 2011: added female showing the distinctly different wing pattern; at the bottom:

From Falcon State Park, Starr county on Nov 02, 2007:

From Estero Llano Grande Wetlands, Hidalgo County, Texas on April 09, 2006:

From Dade County, Florida in May, 2006:

Update May 29, 2011: This female from Falcon Dam State Park, Starr county, Texas in October 2007 is from just the right angle to demonstrate the different wing pattern found in females: a small solid tawny patch at the base of the hindwing (and a minute one on the forewing) plus a dusky tip to each wing and little or no smoky tawnyness in the central part of each wing: