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This presumed atypical Thornbush Dasher Micrathyria hageni was found close to the irigation channel at Santa Ana NWR, Hidalgo county, Texas in mid-October 2008:

Note the abdominal pattern: the pale marks on S5, S6 are reduced to vestigal dots - a pattern previously undocumented for hagenii and one associated with M. dissocians. Also note the vestigal dot on S8 - again unrecorded for hagenii but found on some dissocians -:

It is hard to be sure from this image, but there appear to be seven ante-nodal cross-veins in the hindwing (a feature associated with M. dissocians):

The shape of the cerci are close to hagenii, but seem relatively shorter with a blunter/more truncate apex to each cerci tip:

For comparison here are the cerci of two presumably typical hagenii: