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Update June 29, 2009: added a mature female from Arkansas, at the bottom of the page:

These Pronghorn Clubtails Gomphus graslinellus were photographed April 14, 2008 mostly at the Lynxhaven crossing of the Guadalupe River west of Hunt, Kerr County, and also at Lost Maples State Park, Bandera County, Texas:

This male from Lost Maples has a pale gray tone on the rear of the penile pouch under segment 2; at a glance it recalls the pale rear part of the penile pouch of G. militaris, but lacks the clean delineation of that species:

A teneral male:

A teneral female - one of at least five flushed from the brush along the creek.

Update June 29, 2009: a mature female from Cove Lake in the Ozark National Forest between Paris and Mount Magazine State Park, Arkansas on June 26, 2009: