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Jade Clubtail Arigomphus submedianus:-

male and female from my old Fort Worth yard in western Tarrant county, Texas, 2001/2002:

On May 20, 2007 I was working in NE Harris county, Texas; during my lunch break I managed to photograph all three Texas species of
Arigomphus within ninety minutes, at two sites just six miles apart; in all I saw one submedianus, three lentulus, and more than twenty maxwelli:

a female Jade Clubtail Arigomphus submedianus at McCarty Road:

Bayou Clubtails Arigomphus maxwelli at Sheldon Lake Wildlife Center:

Stillwater Clubtails Arigomphus lentulus at Sheldon Lake Wildlife Center and McCarty Road:

Bayou Clubtail Arigomphus maxwelli and Stillwater Clubtail Arigomphus lentulus together at Sheldon Lake Wildlife Center, Harris county: