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Update July 04, 2006: with thanks to Bob Behrstock for the suggestion, I now feel that these are both teneral Vesper Bluets E. vesperum; for the male, the vertex and prothorax and pterothorax patterns are perfect, as are details of S9 and S10, and the dorsal view of the appendages rule out Orange/signatum; I am less sure of the female because they are much more similar to female signatum, but the black humeral stripe looks thin and is encased in pale brown (Westfall and May mention this feature for female vesperum) - I'd appreciate feedback on this, thanks :

These two teneral presumed Enallagma sp. were at Double Lake, San Jacinto County, Texas on June 28, 2006:

from directly above:

The female; it seems to have the same head pattern as the male above: