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Update July 07, 2007: yet more poor pics of a third male from Big Creek at the Scenic Area, San Jacinto county, Texas, added at the bottom of the page.

I found this male Laura's Clubtail Stylurus laurae patrolling a short (c. 8 -9 feet) section of water along Big Creek at the Scenic Area in Sam Houston National Forest, San Jacinto County, Texas on June 27, 2006; this is only the 2nd adult - and first male - ever documented in Texas. I watched it for about 2 minutes hoping it would land, but although it twice looked like it would alight on the twig in this photo, it did did not, and eventually tapped the water twice then shot up into the overhanging canopy - leaving me with this one crummy (but just about identifiable) image:

Another male from further downstream, in Shepherd, in May 2007; note the darkened area between the central thoracic stripes:

This male dropped down to sip from a muddy rain puddle at c. 9:15am just as I arrived at Big Creek Scenic Area parking lot in early July 2007; it slowly flew to this perch c.15 feet up on the edge of the parking lot, sat there for about 30 seconds, then lifted up and flew higher, out of sight: