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Update June 20, 2009: added an immature male at the bottom of the page:

These Attenuated Bluets enallagma daeckii were photographed at the picnic area just west of Woodville on H190, Tyler county, Texas on May 21, 2008;

On the morning of June 19, 2006 I was exploring the margins of Double Lake Recreation Area, Sam Houston National Forest, San Jacinto County, Texas, where I came upon a number of emerging teneral damselflies. I initially identifed these ones as Attenuated Bluets enallagma daeckii. Update, October 2007: Nick Donnelly has confirmed that these are Attenuated Bluets, E. daeckii. :

A male:

A female:

Update June 20, 2009: this immature male was at the Beaver Pond close to Lake Sam Rayburn, Jasper county in early June 2009: