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I was lucky enough to work on the North Slope of Alaska from August 21 until October 02, 2006. My job involved flying in a small aircraft over the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas counting marine mammals, based out of Barrow and Deadhorse (aka Prudhoe Bay.)

On my downtime from work I was able to do quite a lot of birding (and mammal watching), and I present here a few snapshots from a North Slope Fall.

I plan to add more pages, including some showing the landscapes and some of the mammals, but for now here are a few bird pages:

I have removed the whale photos at the request of the supervising scientists.

Yellow-billed Loons: seven of the 212 that flew past me one morning!

Eiders: all four species in non breeding-male plumages.

Thayer's Gull: two of the three juveniles that briefly crossed my path.

Slaty-backed Gull: three of the five that I saw at Barrow during my stay.

Snowy Owl: how can you not photograph these impressive birds!

Short-eared Owl: not a North Slope specialty, but I had a spectacular encounter with them.

Northern Shrike: again not a North Slope specialty, but once more I had a most interesting encounter with it.

Misc. unusual birds: scarce/rare North Slope birds.