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The brief life of a funnel cloud over Dalhart, Texas on July 02, 2004:

c. 6.50pm: Sheridan spots a funnel forming in the wall cloud of a strong thunderstorm:

c. 6.55pm: the funnel grows longer...

...and a close-up shows a very thin "tail" reaching for earth:

c. 7.00pm: we move to the edge of town for a better look:

... and within a minute there are two more funnels trying to form (the third one is out-of-picture to the right, - it diminished quite quickly):

c. 7.05pm: the following sequence spans about five minutes, during which time the funnel twice seemed to head downwards but could not sustain itself, and retreated back upwards:

c. 7.15pm: it seemed stuck in this shape for a while, and this is how we left it: