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SURINAME November 2011

Sheridan Coffey and myself visited North/central Suriname from November 09 - 16, 2011 - on the way we spent a day touring Curacao in the Dutch Antilles; click on the links below to see a selection of birds we enjoyed at each locality:

Curacao; we rented a car for one day and birded around our hotel (SW Willemstad) and west to Christoffel National Park.
Paramaribo and nearby locations: a day at each end of the trip; west to Waag Naar Zee and east to Peperpot.
Northern Savannas: one-and-a-half days, plus a few hours after Brownsberg; white sand savannas and adjacent riparian forest at, south, and east of the International Airport.
Brownsberg: three and a half days; the 450m-elevation Brownsberg Plataeu plus the entrance road up from the lowlands.

We also saw six of the eight species of monkey known from Suriname (and heard a 7th - Guianan Spider Monkey); here are photos (of greatly varying quality - wild monkeys are tough to photograph!) of them:

Yellow- (Golden-) handed Tamarin

Guianan Red Howler Monkey

Bearded (Black) Saki

Golden- (White-) faced Saki

(Guianan) Weeper Capuchin

(Guianan) Squirrel Monkey