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PERU May 2010

From May 02 to 19, 2010, Sheridan Coffey and myself visited north and central Peru with Kolibri Expeditions; On May 07 we visited Bosque de Pomac near Chiclayo, and Quebadra Limon north of Olmos:

White-winged Guan - ENDEMIC - part of one!; six seen, including two nice flight looks.
Peruvian Thick-Knee - a large group of loafing birds, plus a couple on the central coast.
Red-masked Parakeet - a few, mostly flying over.
Pacific Parrotlet - male and presumed female; very different-looking.
Golden-Olive Woodpecker - the distinctive northwestern form.
Tumbes Pewee - fairly common.
Rufous Flycatcher - ENDEMIC - fairly common.
Baird's Flycatcher - only a couple seen.
Peruvian Plantcutter - ENDEMIC - three males and a female seen.
Blue-and-white Swallow - a ubiquitous bird, but this one was out of context.
Tumbes Swallow - a small flock was studied at length; a scarce bird that seems to rarely be photographed, so I've included lots of pics.
White-tailed Jay - only two seen.
Cinereous Finch - ENDEMIC - a handful seen.