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PERU May 2010

From May 02 to 19, 2010, Sheridan Coffey and myself visited north and central Peru with Kolibri Expeditions; On May 19 we visited Pantanos de Ventinilla and Lomas de Lachay, on the coast west and northwest of Lima:

Peruvian Pelican - common along the coast; this species is almost as large as Am. White Pelican.
Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle - amazingly common and confiding at Lomas de Lachay.
Least Seedsnipe - a few on the entrance road to Lomas de Lachay, and a large flock wheeling around the nearby desert.
Belcher's Gull - common on the immediate coastline; this species and Dolphin Gull are unique among the black/dark-headed gulls in that the dark head is non-breeding plumage, and it becomes white-headed when breeding.
Kelp Gull - small numbers along the coast - always outnumbered by Belcher's.
Gray Gull - large numbers of non-breeding visitors on the beaches.
Gray-hooded Gull - scarce on the immediate coastline but a few over coastal wetlands.
Inca Tern - a great-looking tern, and common along the coast.
Cactus Canastero - ENDEMIC - often hard to find, we got lucky and were able to watch this guy feeding intently on a cactus flower.
Many-colored Rush-Tyrant - what a cracking little bird!