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ECUADOR February 2006

From Feb 06 to Feb 17, 2006, myself, Sheridan Coffey, Willie Sekula, and Dan Peak visited Northern Ecuador for birds, butterflies and odes (plus a few monkeys, as it turned out...) click on the links below to see a sample of the fabulous wildlife we enjoyed; check back later as I plan to add more images when I get the time...:


West Slope Temperate (Yanacocha, Verde Cocha)
West Slope Subtropical (Tandayapa Valley, Mindo Loma)
West Slope Foothills (Milpe, Rio Silanche)
East Slope Temperate (Antisana Reserve, Papallacta Pass, above Thermas de Papallacta)
East Slope Subtropical (Guango Lodge, San Isidro, Guacamayos Ridge area)
East Slope Foothills (Loreto Road)

Butterflies (all regions)

Odonata (all regions)