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COLOMBIA December 2009

From Dec 06 to 19, 2009, Sheridan Coffey and myself birded the eastern Andes, north coast, and Santa Marta Mtns of Colombia (for the first leg in the Andes, Dan Peak joined us) using Medellin-based birding guide Pablo Flores Valencia click here to email Pablo.

Lined Quail-Dove Geotrygon linearis :

This individual was seen on the side-road to Pozo Azul, above Minca. The elevation there is c. 800 - 900m - well below the minimum quoted in my references... Interestingly not far from this spot (a heavily-forested riparian belt in a steep river valley) we saw a male Santa Marta Sabrewing (in the same area where a male was reported earlier this year).

- here is one from it's expected elevational range, close to El Dorado Lodge: