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Update Nov 03, 2003: added two fine flight shots, courtesy (and copyright) of Imre Karafiath; bottom images.
Update Nov 02, 2003: look for link between bottom two images to enjoy the cranes singing!
These Whooping Cranes (Grus americana) were photographed at Lake Weatherford, Parker County, Texas on November 01, 2003 during Fort Wort Audubon Society's First Annual Whooping Crane Watch:-

Ed and Mary Lane (that's Mary looking through the 'scope) have a home overlooking the north end of Lake Weatherford (located c. 25 miles west of Fort Worth), and for the second time in three years watched a group of Whooping Cranes come in to roost on Halloween!

Two years ago the six birds departed at first light, hence the crowd of admirers at dawn. However the low clouds this morning persuaded these cranes (all unbanded) to lounge around until 9.35a.m., allowing fabulous looks:

Eventually they departed to the southeast, but not before they danced and sang a few times for us; click here to listen to my recording of them: