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These Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) were photographed by Martin Reid at Benbrook Lake near Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas on September 18, 2002. There were at least six TRESs in a mixed group feeding very low and flying exceptionally close to the observer. Most field guides do not show just how striking are the white tips to the tertials in Fall birds (Sibley and the Swallows book being exceptions):

In flight these white tips can combine with the fluffed-over white flank feathering to create a rather obvious partial white patch on each side of the rump; again, the excellent Sibley guide is the only one I can find that points to a small white patch in this area in flight - but even that reference does not show how on Fall birds, this can be enhanced by the strong white tertial tips:

At a distance or in difficult light, such a bird might tempt an observer to think of Violet-green Swallow (esp. if the bird had little blue color and thus could be an imm. VGSW) - of course the clean demarcation of the face is a constant difference, but this may not be noticable at a distance, when the white rump "patches" are quite visible:

I also got shots showing the molt progression: