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This titmouse was photographed in my yard at Lake Worth on December 15, 2002. Most of my titmice are intergrades that look like Tufted but have dusky crests; a few birds have blackish crests and dark ginger foreheads. This is the first one I've seen in my yard that has a black crest and an off-white (very pale buff) forehead - I've seen a couple of similar birds in the SW part of Tarrant County. My yard in wooded lakeside bottomland, but next to a scrubby limestone ridge that is semi-xeric, with lots of cactus and some mesquite and cedar; west of my location this habitat starts to dominate the landscape. Black-crested Titmice almost completely replace hybrids/Tufteds just 15 - 20 miles west of here. Would you call this a Black-crested Titmouse or a hybrid?: