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Update: more pics from Sept 30 added at the bottom:
This presumed
Wilson's Snipe Gallinago delicata was photographed near Fort Worth, Texas September 28, 2003; it was the only snipe seen at the site:

Note especially the strong brown wash on the flank barring, the very narrow black bars in the tertials, and the rich buff edges to the scapulars - these are are supposed to be good indicators for Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago:

Update: more pics from Sept 30:

In the image above, note the central chest (in the buff area) is barred, not streaked; this is supposed to be a good feature for gallinago, while delicata should have fairly obvious vertical streaking.
In the images below, the left flanks are shown to be strongly buffy/brown, and the left tertials have thicker pale bars than dark bars:

I just missed getting more of the wing detail in these next two photos:- the basal under primary coverts were strongly tipped white -

while the upperwing secondary coverts were quite dark:

I saw it fly twice: the underwing coverts had a lot of white in them, but I did not get a feel for the white secondary tips other than that they were present and noticable. I looked for it subsequently, but have not seen it again; two normal-looking delicata snipe were in the same pool two days later.