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These presumed
Gallinago delicata snipe were photographed near Fort Worth, Texas in late October, 2001:
A) This individual was very large - obviously larger than the five other snipe at the same small pool:

- based on Chandler, "North Atlantic Shorebirds", the tip of the innermost median covert indicates that it is a juvenile:

Although there may be some Photographic Size Illusion at play below, the birds are far enough apart (and quite close to the observer) that the more-distant bird on the right should appear smaller than it truly is in relation to the much closer bird on the left - yet it looks significantly larger; this was evident with the naked eye and incomparison to other snipe just further away than the large bird:

B) note the pattern of fringing on the lesser/median coverts; they are strongly angled, to form rounded "V"s - this is supposed to be strongly indicative of G. gallinago:

C) Note the very dark-bodied bird at the top of this flock; could this be a "Sabine's Snipe" ?: