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This presumed
Gallinago delicata snipe (the rightmost bird) was photographed near Fort Worth, Texas in late October, 2001:

It shows a number of features associated with Pintail Snipe (Gallinago stenura): The upper scaps have a strong pale inner fringe (but would be more patterned internally with warm brown on stenura); the lower scaps also have a strong pale inner fringe - at the extreme end for delicata?; The width of the dark lores at the bill is less than the width of the pale supercilium at the bill; The sides of the bill lack any dark panel along the cutting edges (a personal observation that this is the norm in stenura - with few exceptions - and very rare in other snipes ;value?)

of course, this last photo shows a non-stenura-type outer tail - actually, it is more typical of G. Gallinago than G. delicata...: