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Update: April 09, 2004: I've added more new pics and comparisons in a separate page; click here to see them.
Update March 30: two more flight pics added at the bottom.
Update: March 29, 2004: I've moved the newer pics and comparisons to a separate page; click here to see them.
UPDATE: March 26, 2004: better flight shots from today added at the bottom.
This snipe showing the main characters of
Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago was photographed near Fort Worth, Texas March 25, 2004:

Below, it's the upper-right bird, with a Wilson's Snipe G. delicata lower-left:

In the two pics below, it is on the left, with a typical Wilson's Snipe G. delicata on the right:

Update March 26, 2004:

in the image below, note the tertial pattern; the thick pale bars near the tip are a good Common Snipe feature:

Update March 30: another flight pic: