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This page introduces three aspects of variation within Pine Siskin (Carduelis pinus):

1) Do the differences witnessed at my feeder in Fort Worth, Texas during December 2000 represent different subspecies (if so, which ones?), or are they within the normal variation of one subspecies (again, which one?) - click here to see the photos and discussion.

2) On December 29, 2000 I photographed a "green morph" Pine Siskin in my yard, and it appears to display rather more features of Eurasian Siskin (Carduelis spinus) than previously published for this rare form - click here for photos and discussion.

- In preparing the above pages, I noted something in the wing structure that may help distinguish between Pine Siskin and Eurasian Siskin; click here for photos and discussion.

Update; January 19, 2001: I've added more EUSI photos to the wing-structure page above, and also added a new page showing a "normal" green-morph Pine Siskin from Newfoundland.

3) added January 20, 2001: here's a different-looking individual that suggests macroptera.

4) added August 24, 2015: here's another green-morph PISI - this one from west Texas.

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