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This page demonstrates and discusses variation within Pine Siskin (Carduelis pinus):

Pine Siskins (PISI) are normally a scarce and unpredictable bird in North-Central Texas during the winter. During the previous mild winter I had just two birds visit, on 3 or 4 widely separated occasions. This December saw a return of "normal" cold winter weather to our region, and with it came a number of unusual visitors (within two miles of my home on Lake Worth there were multiple Mew and Thayer's Gulls, Califonia Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Mountain Bluebird, more Oregon and Pink-sided Juncos than normal, etc.). My Goldfinch flock also grew, and included up to six PISIs seen almost every day for about ten days, with two or three seen every day for a month. During this time a very heavily-marked individual favored my thistle sock for two days, and has not been seen again; when seen with one of the normal birds, the contrast was striking:

- on the right-hand bird above, note the thick, in-line dorsal streaks, plainer face, virtual lack of yellow in the wing, and brighter white fringes to the flight feathers. At times, the face rather reminded me of nearby House Finches:

- and at times the distal part of the maxilla appeared to be decurved - but this may have been an artifact of its thick base and slightly decurved mandible:

here are two examples of my normal PISIs for comparison:

- so, I ask:-
a) what subspecies are rescognized for the ABA area? - Pyle et al's "Id. Guide to N.A. Passerines" does not mention subspecies, yet I gather that his "Id. Guide to N. A. Birds" (which sadly I do not possess) does describe separate subspecies in the West and the East (details, please?). Clement et al's "Finches and Sparrows - an Id. Guide" describes the nominate form as occurring in the entire ABA area, while also describing two duller subspecies from Mexico and beyond. There is no discussion of subspecies in the two published articles describing "green morph" PISIs (see 2nd siskin web page).
b) if there are indeed two subspecies in the ABA region, are all the birds shown here nominate pinus?