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This juvenile Semipalmated Sandpiper (SESA) was photographed near Fort Worth, Texas on August 16, 1994 by Martin Reid. Note the molted two upper scaps and one lower scap (two adjacent mantle feathers were also molted). On Aug 8, 1999 at this same site I saw THREE different juv. SESAs that had at least one molted winter feather in the upperparts:- two had similar molts to this bird, while the third had replaced one innermost greater covert on one side (perhaps in this case due to premature loss?). Update July 25, 2000 - scroll to bottom of page:

note also that the pattern of the innermost greater-covert is very RNST-like on this bird:

the rear supercilium is weaker than on most SESAs, the lateral crown is slightly paler; the auriculars are a bit paler than is normal on SESA (approaching RNST in this regard):

Compare in detail this bird to a Red-necked Stint from Japan - I downloaded that image and enlarged it - there is a remarkable similarity to the FW bird, including:- the paler lateral crown with supercilium having a pale gray interruption ahead of the eye), bill size and shape, pattern of ear coverts, pattern of mantle, scaps and coverts (except of course the molted feathers), position of tertial tips, breast pattern - in fact it could pass for an earlier photo of the FW bird. The exposed tibia looks different, but I'll bet that inland Texas in mid-August is much hotter than Japan at that approximate time, and the RNST has much more (fluffed-up) belly showing below the folded wing. I re-checked my notes and I was unable to see any details on the feet on the FW bird, due to the soft mud:

Left photo taken on the night of Sept 20/21, 1990 by Shimpei Watanabe, and is courtesy of Shimpset Photo Gallery "Birds of Japan" http://www.big.or.jp/~shimpset/ - click here then scroll down to "v.14 contents" and select "Tonen(midnight)"