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Update: March 15, 2003: added a newly-received image from Feb 16 that shows the yellow at the base of the outer tail:- the bottom image.
Update: Feb 19,2002: New photos from Feb 16, plus some comments, added at the bottom.
This Scott's Oriole (Icterus parisorum) was observed and photographed by Elaine Webb in her back yard in Rendon, Texas, located in southern Tarrant County south of Fort Worth, and just east of I35W. Elaine wrote:

As I recall Sunday 26 January 2003 was a cold, gray day but it was brightened enormously by a flash of yellow about 4:30 p.m. when a Scott's Oriole came to visit my backyard. He visited the orange suet feeder first then proceeded to the sunflower chip feeder where he looked for only a moment as if to verify there was nothing there for him then flew back to the suet. He stayed so very briefly at the suet and then flew away and has unfortunately not returned. My digital camera was convenient and I was able to snap two photos of him before he left. The photos are taken through my window as I was afraid opening the door might frighten the bird away. The feeders are approximately 65' from my back door.

This is a first Regional record for this species (subject to review) - kudos to Elaine for knowing it was something special and getting photos!:

NOTE: in the image below, the finch feeder (and thus the finches!) is much closer to the camera than is the oriole:

Photos from Feb 16, 2003 (by Martin Reid unless labelled otherwise); Points of interest include the apparent lack of yellow in the base of the outer tail feathers, and an apparent small blackish patch on the undertail coverts:

Added March 15: