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This Golden-Plover Pluvialis sp. was among 1000+ American Golden Plovers and thousands of other shorebirds in some rice fields at the corner of H59 and FM530, NE of Edna, Jackson County, Texas on April 12, 2006:
Only three primary tips are visible beyond the longest tertial, and the wings do not extend very far beyond the tip of the tail:

There are only three primary tips visible beyond the longest tertial (despite them being slightly worn), and the outer two P-tips are very close to each other; also note that the tips of the primaries only just reach beyond the tail

Note that on the blackest upper scapular the upper golden marks seem to be spots rather than triangles:

At some angles the face showed a definite warm ochraceous tinge, while at other angles this was hard to discern:
Although it is slightly fluffed-up in the next shot, it shows the small-headed, short-rear-ended look of this individual: