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Update Jan 04, 2006: I've added some comparison pics of normal-looking Tropical and Northern Parulas - see bottom of page:

This Tropical Parula Parula pitiayumi-type bird was singing next to Willow Pond #1 at Santa Ana NWR, Hidalgo County, TX on May 14, 2005:
Note following features that suggest this bird has some Northern Parula Parula americana genes in it:-
- the strong white crescents below the eye on the right side and both above and below the eye on the left side.
- the yellow of the breast-sides/flanks ending only just level with the lower wing bar (and short of it in the center of the breast.)
- a band of grayish color on the breast-sides at the bend of the wing.
- the malar area, while mostly yellow, has some elements of gray admixed, creating a fuzzy boundary with the gray face.
- the suggestion of dark tipping to some feathers of the lower throat (some of this effect is caused by shadowing - but perhaps not all.)

Update: here is a normal-looking Tropical:

... and a normal-looking Northern: