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These Mountain Plovers Charadrius montanus were photographed at the Sod Farm by H140 and H57, 11 miles nw of Pearsall, Frio County, Texas on March 03, 2005. They were following the turf-pulling tractor, and allowing very close approach (I was given permission to enter and photograph them this one time.) I gather that aging/sexing this species is very difficult; I'd be very interested in any feedback discussing my guesses at the age/sex/plumage of the individual birds - thanks:

A):- basic adult male?

B):- adult male molting into alternate?

C):- basic adult female?

D):-adult female molting into alternate?

E):- male? adult molting into alternate?

F):- full juvenile?

G):- first-basic molting into first-alternate?

H):- basic adult (left) and first basic/alternate (right)?

I) the rear bird (molting adult?) in typical head-lowered threat-posture to the closer bird (first-basic/alternate?):