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Update: June 24, 2006: added comparative images of Lillian's Eastern Meadowlark, at the bottom of the page.

This meadowlark was photographed by Martin Reid on Winscott-Plover Road, Tarrant County, Texas on February10, 2003. This location is at the SW corner of Tarrant County (the county seat is Fort Worth). This habitat has one large arable field next to the road, in otherwise unbroken, undergrazed native grassland. Western (using mainly the arable land) and Eastern (using mostly the grassland) Meadowlarks can be found on the same wires here in Winter, allowing useful comparisons of their plumages and vocalizations. This is an Eastern - one of a number like this found here in winter that sing a subtlely distinct song compared to "normal" Easterns also found here; it is somewhat suggestive of Lillian's Meadowlark Sturnella magna lilliani. I plan to add more on this subject as time allows.

Update June 24, 2006: This Lillian's Eastern Meadowlark was at Lake Balmorhea, Reeves County, Texas on May 29, 2006: