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I photographed this juvenile Least Sandpiper at Village Creek, Fort Worth, Texas on September 10th, 1999; note the wide, dark forecrown meeting the dark of the lores and separating the supercilia; also note that while the general upperparts patten looks normal for LESA, the visible wing coverts have a pale fringe at the tip that is broken by the dark shaft streak:

In the next two pics note that the dark lores do not reach the eye-ring - i.e. there is a small break just before the eye:

In the field I was not able to detect any pale at the base of the mandible, but these two images show a tiny patch of ochre just beyond the feathering:

the innermost greater coverts show a shallow notch:

For comparison take a look at this classic juvenile Long-toed Stint; there some similarities but a number of differences - however not all juvenile LTSTs look like this, and a few are much more like LESA in the color of the wing covert fringes.