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This Amazon Kingfisher Chloroceryle amazona - found by Jeff Bouton - was on the Resaca on TX100 just east of H77, near San Benito, Cameron county, Texas on November 09, 2013; it kicked-off a personal quest to photograph all four Texas/ABA kingfishers on the same day.... I did it in 6 hours, 03 minutes!:

1) Amazon:

2) Belted - the first of three photographed (two distant birds later at Bentsen prior to getting the Ringed):

3) Green - the second of three photographed (a lunchtime female at Frontera, and a later female at Bentsen prior to the Ringed):

4) Ringed - NOTE: the first IDable pic of this bird was taken 14 minutes earlier - but it was a very poor image so I used this later one: