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These Pomarine Jaegers Stercorcarius pomarinus were photographed on the November 06 2004 pelagic out of South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas:

A): only shot I got of this first bird of the day; note the primary molt stage, adult-type underwing coverts yet immature-type head/breast (?):

B): again an adult-type underwing (and tail) with very indistinct (immature-type) head/breast:

C): once more an audlt-type underwing with a rather immature-type head:

D): very long central tail feathers, but again with rather poorly-demarcated head pattern:

the bird in the foreground below is the same individual as in the pic above:

E): note the striking rump pattern of the leftmost bird:

F): another with adult-type underwing, but with some white blotching on the head and pale fringing to the mantle/back feathers: