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This Plegadis ibis was photographed at Village Creek Drying Beds, eastern Fort Worth, Texas on May 9, 2001 by Martin Reid. I was able to get fairly close in my car, allowing full-frame looks at just the head, via my telescope:- the eye was deep ruby-red; the pale borders of the facial skin were the light powder-blue typical of adult Glossy, but with a tinge of red where these two areas met the eye, and a tinge of red was also noted just ahead of the eye on the otherwise-dark-gray loral skin. This individual was with five or six normal-looking White-faced Ibises, and it appeared to be the largest bird in the flock (Glossies average larger than White-faceds, but there is overlap). Glossy Ibis is now annual at this location in Spring, usually in with a flock of White-faced Ibises: