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Update July 09, 2006: Thanks to Michael Schwitters I am able to add his photos of a September juvenile Baikal Teal from Shemya Island in the Aleutians, from 2005:

Juvenile Baikal Teal, one of at least four, Shemya Island, Alaska, September 2005. M. Schwitters:

- a careful comparison of this Baikal to the teal below reveals a great many similarities - indeed I'd say the above bird would be tough to accept as a Baikal Teal were it not for the photo showing the diagnostic pattern on the inner speculum:- an angled, almost horizontal boundary between the green and black; on carolinensis and crecca this boundary is vertical - i.e. parallel with the line of the body. Note also that the pale base of the bill is blue-gray, rather than the olive of the GW Teal .. I don't know if this is a good field mark or not.

This is a further page dedicated to demonstrating the extensive variation in Green-winged Teal (Anas {crecca} carolinensis). Except where mentioned, all these photos were taken in Fort Worth, Texas:

R) Late September: :

S) Late September: