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These Pacific Golden-Plovers Pluvialis fulva were photographed by Laurie Knight on the central coast of eastern Australia (in and near Brisbane) on February 17, 2008:

no sign of ongoing or suspended moult in the flight feathers of any of these flying birds (what age are they?):

- on the modified version of the photo below I have cut/pasted the bill ( "bill length; i.e.from tip to start of feathering on maxilla) below the wingtips - note that when at a slight angle, the closest estimate for the true position of the wingtip (i.e. both wings) is half-way between the two wingtips - this point is used here; the minimum measured length bill length for fulva is 20mm (average is 22 - 23mm), thus the primary extension beyond the tail tip seems to be clearly more than 10mm: