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This Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was photographed behind the Blucher House in downtown Corpus Christi, Nueces county, Texas on October 12, 2014. Note how the bill appears to be too thin for any of the expected Empids. I feel that this is an example of how the apparent bill shape can be very misleading when viewed at certain angles.

CLICK HERE to listen to an iPhone recording of what I presume to be this bird calling in response to a whistled Western Screech-Owl (WSOW - I can't do a good ESOW) song. This was the only empid we saw in the vicinity during our entire encounter with this bird, and it stayed in the immediate area, coming closer each time I repeated my WSOW - however we did not actually see the bird calling. I think this is the winter call of YBFL, and is very like the typical call of Acadian Flycatcher.