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I feel that this is a candidate Cassin's Vireo Vireo cassinii; it was moving in the oaks above our balcony in NW San Antonio, Texas on October 24, 2020. The photos were taken after it flew in close overhead in response to us playing the Cassin's Vireo call (which seems virtually identical to the call of Blue-headed Vireo to my ears). The backlighting makes it hard to accurately assess the tones; in real life when it was moving around without sky in the background it appeared to be a bit paler than in these photos:

 The image below was taken through foliage, and is washed-out compared to the photos with a clear view of the bird. While the primary coverts and greater coverts are washed-out, they appear to have a similar tone.  Also note that the fringes of the outer Ps are whitish and contrast with the fringes on the inner Ps and the Ss: