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Update: more photos of this bird are here.
This rather unusual Least Sandpiper was photographed near Fort Worth, Texas in September 2002; note the bill base, loral region, and ear-covert pattern, all of which are very Long-toed Stint-like - but see bottom of page for a suggested separation feature:

Note in the image below the obvious notch in the chestnut fringe of the innermost great covert (often with a complimentary - but less pronounced - version on the opposite side); this is present in c. 90% of juv. LESA, while it is rare in LTST and when present, is much less-pronounced. I feel that such a strong notch is perhaps the best initial ID-feature (esp. at long range) for ruling out LTST; I'd love to know of any pics of juv. LTST that show such a strong notch: