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These two presumed Richardson's Canada Geese (Branta canadensis hutchinsii) were photographed at Linkcrest Landfill, Fort Worth, Texas on January 2, 2003. They were loosely associating with a small group of feral Swan Geese-types, and a few tame Mallards (these two geese were only slightly larger than the Mallards) and feral Muscovies - but they have only just arrived in the last couple of days, as I check this pond every time I go gulling at Linkcrest. Interestingly, two separate Ross's Geese have popped up on opposite sides of Tarrant County in the last couple of days, one associating with feral geese at Benbrook and the other with some Coots in north Arlington. This suggests a small late push of lost geese into our area.
These two look just like the few hutchinsii that I've seen before, except that one has an obvious and rather thick dark throat line dividing the white face "strap":
Bird a), with a dark throat line; the shape and pattern of the underpart feathers, plus the dull upperparts fringing, point to this being a first-winter bird:

Note how the slightest bit of shadow seems to exaggerate the throat line:

Bird b), with extensive white in the "strap" and some white flecking in the head; the shape of the underpart feathers, plus the strong fringing on the upperparts, point to this being an adult-type bird:

The two birds together: