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All these Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis harlani) were photographed in Tarrant County, Texas:-

1) November 25, 2002 at Mustang Park; a juvenile dark-intermediate morph :

2) November 29, 2002 at Cement Creek Pond; an intermediate morph adult - this much red in the tail tip is okay for pure Harlan's (per Brian Wheeler):

-here are images of the same bird from December 3, 1998; it has wintered at the same location for at least five years:

3) November 27, 2002 on Winscott-Plover Road; probably an adult darkish light morph or possibly a slight intergrade with B. j. calurus (western Red-tail):

Update - March 12, 2003: More images of this individual from March 5:

4) March 17, 2003 at Markum Ranch Road: a pale light morph adult; note the pure white throat:

5) January 21, 2003 at Winscott-Plover Road: a dark-intermediate juvenile :

The photo below is a freak shot capturing the split-second that this bird's nictitating membrane covered the eye!:

The low morning Sun added a rich yellow glow to the color tones in this initial photos: