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Update January 09, 2008: Added a nice flying rufous morph from San Antonio at the bottom of the page .

Update March 11, 2003: All the Harlan's Hawks are now on their own page - click here. Also added new images of the same Krider's below, plus another paler-headed Krider's and a Rufous (?) adult.

All these Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) were photographed in Tarrant County, Texas:-

1) November 22, 2002 on Winscott-Plover Road: a juvenile Krider's Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis krideri/borealis):

Here's the same Krider's on March 11, 2003; Bill Clark and I banded this bird in mid- January. Every sighting of it has been within the same 100 yard stretch of Winscott -Plover road. Note the rate of absorption of the food in its crop:- the lower photo was taken about 15 minutes after the upper shot (this is not just a posture/photo effect - I studied the bird carefully on both occasions and the crop bulge had shrunk noticably the 2nd time):

2) Krider's Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis krideri/borealis) on Bonds Ranch Road, NW Tarrant County, February 21, 2003; this bird had imm. tail feathers, but there were two generations of retrix visible in the field, thus I think it must be a 2nd-winter bird - ?:

3) December 28, 2002 at Village Creek Drying Beds; a juvenile Eastern Red-tail (Buteo jamaicensis borealis); - Eastern juvs can have rather wavy bars in the tail (per Bill Clark); Harlan's have fewer, thicker dark bars:

4) East Peden Road, NW Tarrant County on February 21, 2003; this adult is either a rufous morph or intermediate morph Western Red-tail (Buteo jamaicensis calurus) (which?):

5) This adult rufous morph is spending its third winter at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, San Antonio - here from mid-December 2007: