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Dec 13, 2002: more flight shots here, showing the outer primary shape/function.
Dec 10, 2002: new, revealing perched perched images are here.
Update, Nov 25, 2002: Click here for perched images.
Update, Nov 25, 2002: Brian Wheeler and Bill Clark both agree that this is a hybrid - mostly a Swainson's with a little bit of Rough-legged in it. This is the first documented hybrid between these taxa, and only the third Buteo hybrid documented in North America.

This raptor was photographed in Southwestern Tarrant County, Texas on November 19, 2002 by Martin Reid:
initially it looks like the rare form of juvenile light-morph Swainson's Hawk that has a dark belly - but note the white, unbarred bases to the outer primaries; the black band formed by the primary coverts is also very wide next to P5-P8 for SWHA; finally, the dark banding in the secondaries is thicker and sparser than SWHA, which has 6 or 7 thin dark lines:

- from above, the upperwing and wing coverts look good for SWHA, but the tail-rump is a bit odd, with dark spots in a pale uppertail coverts band, as in juv. Rough-legged/Ferruginous Hawk:

also note the pale creeping into the base of the tail feathers:

-and while hovering (in that near-vertical, high-winged stance characterisitc of RLHA ) it was apparent in the field and in these images that the tarsi are feathered - see perched images:

Other images: