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April 13, 2006: I saw the bird again today, but not for very long, and got no more photos; I've added more photos from yesterday at the bottom of these original two images.

This Pacific Golden-Plover Pluvialis fulva molting into Alternate plumage was among 1000+ American Golden Plovers and thousands of other shorebirds in some rice fields at the corner of H59 and FM530, NE of Edna, Jackson County, Texas on April 12, 2006:

Note the structure of the rear-end: the wingtips fall level with (or fractionally short of) the tail tip; the visible primaries beyond the tip of the longest tertial are very short - less than half the length of the bill, and with only two (virtually same-length) primary tips showing:-

Also note the white undertail, mostly white flanks, longish, olive-tinged legs with long exposed tibia.

More photos from April 12 are added below:

Note the structure (smaller-head, tubbier body, lankier legs) compared to the nearby American GP: