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This presumed extreme variant Basic I Mississippi Kite Ictinia mississippiensis was photographed on May 14, 2014 in Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas. I had seen at least one typical adult kite at the same location a week earlier, and two on this date, and both times they seemed to behave like birds on-territory rather than temporary migrants. On both visits they were seen multiple times across 4- 6 hours over the same area of tall riparian trees in a wooded suburb along San Felipe Creek. There is no documented nesting of this species for this region of Texas. In the afternoon I saw two adult birds circling fairly low right above me, plus this striking 3rd individual shown here; I could not be sure of the intent of the interaction, but all three birds were working tight circles (but not thermaling) and quickly moved out of view. I did not see any of them again prior to leaving the location:

- here is a typical-looking adult at the same location and date: