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Three rare examples of the many wonderful butterflies seen along the Frio River at the Halff Brothers Ranch on October 31, 2004:

1) Red Rim Biblis hyperia (bottom butterfly); a striking species that is considered very scarce even in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, we saw 32 individuals of this species today among the many thousands of Common Mestras Mestra amymone (top butterfly) present:

2) Florida White Appias drusilla; considered a rare stray to the United States, this female was photographed from the opposite side of the river:

3) Malachite Siproeta stelenes; this gorgeous specialty of the Lower Rio Grande Valley is very rare away from that region. We saw three individuals (one today) in the latter part of 2004 - this photo taken by Jim Halff is of one about two miles downriver in September 2004: