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The gaudy and garrulous Green Jay Cyanocorax yncas is fairly common at the Halff Brothers Ranch: - see below for some fun with a pair of smart Green Jays (well - one of em' is)!

Manager Tom left some deer corn in a feeder under the equipment shed..... and this
Green Jay thought he knew how to get at it; in he comes...

"okay; so far so good - I'd better get in there..."

"but where to land?"

"this'll do; now how do I get the corn?"

"do I ride the bicycle?"

" - I'd better check the tires first..."

" - or maybe I push the lawnmower?"

" I know - I start this motor...."

" I give up... hey its the Missus; maybe she knows what to do?"

"move over Einstein - let me show you how it's done!"