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This first-basic Thayer's Gull Larus thayeri was photographed by Michael Donahue at Tukwila, Washington in mid-December 1998 (with a first-basic Glaucous-winged Gull L. glaucescens behind and left). I feel that this bird shows some signs of intergradation with kumlieni; note the paler head (mid-December is a bit early for this to appear in thayeri), large number of pale-based mantle/scaps (it would be very early for these to be replacement thayeri first-basic feathers, and may be juvenile kumlieni-type juv. feathers), apparent extensive barring in the upper tertial, signs of mottling in the tail, and paler-than-usual base color to the primaries; also the bill seems to have more of a gonydal angle and pale in the base than is normal for a mid-December thayeri - I'd appreciate hearing any comments about this individual: