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These four juvenile Mongolian Gulls Larus (c?) mongolicus were photographed at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal on August 16, 1997 by Geert Groot Koerkamp. Geert comments: "Juveniles are variable, but on most birds I have seen in August the bill is completely black, wings show a clear window on the inner primaries, with rather light greater coverts (i.e. no greater covert bar), and tail is white with clear-cut black band and white tips to the tail feathers; tertial pattern is highly variable, as can be seen from the photos; underwing is not white as in typical cachinnans and reminds one more of michahellis. it strikes the eye that the underparts are rather dark in comparison with, for example, juvenile cachinnans or michahellis." - note that barabensis does have more extensive markings on the underparts, compared to cachinnans, but not as extensive as on these mongolicus:

- althought it appears identical, Geert assures me that the next image is of a different bird:

A third bird in flight:

A fourth bird: